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Our Story


At Baker Halls & Co, we’re flavour specialists with a sixth sense for superb taste. Inspired by our Kiwi founder, Gerard Hall (a food technician and taste magician), we bring you delightful flavours and combinations that are simply… well, delicious.

First, we find the finest, freshest fruits near and far, then we distill the goodness in boutique batches, creating the perfect, flavourful drop.

The result of this alchemy? A range of real fruit syrups crafted to quench the thirst and delight the senses.


Our range of fantastic flavours suit any occasion, be it a refreshing afternoon thirst-quencher or a social mixer. Real, natural ingredients (and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives) form the heart of all our recipes because we believe the real magic comes from real fruit.

With fruit syrups that run the gamut from the zingy and zesty to the tasty and tantalising, we’re proud to magic delicious, every day.